Wireless Expense Management SIMPLIFIED.

With 20 years experience in Wireless Management we understand how to DIG DEEP to uncover dramatic savings in your Wireless Accounts.

We are NOT affiliated with ANY Wireless Carrier nor do we sell any wireless services.


AllCom provides monthly rate-plans optimization to assure the most cost-effective rates for each company, based on historical patterns of use and predictive trend analysis.

We assign a personalized, dedicated Customer Service Representative who will work as your Wireless Manager.

AllCom becomes your single-source for all your wireless needs. We provide one point of contact for procurement and purchasing needs for your wireless accounts.



You need resources, knowledge, and a full time staff in order to accurately analyze the confusing bills from your wireless providers each month. But even then how do you know that you are receiving the most cost effective rate plans available?

Our Wireless Analysis and Optimization Program is available! Our Wireless Managers work with you to help your organization obtain refunds from previously overpaid bills, ensure that on-going rates are set up to cover your companies usage and to provide the assurance that future needs will be addressed in the most cost efficient manner.

Our experienced team of wireless experts analyze your bills and find errors - errors that wireless companies believe are your responsibility to find, and are likely costing your company a great deal of money. In addition to finding errors, our team also evaluates savings from rate and service changes. We are confident that our team will produce significant savings for your organization since 100% of AllCom clients are realizing an average of 35% on refunds and/or savings by using our Analysis and Optimization Program! Under our shared savings fee arrangement our fee is tied directly to your savings. If AllCom does not procure a refund or find savings for your Company, you pay nothing!

There is absolutely no risk!



Reducing cost through analysis and optimization of your current rate plans is only the beginning of the process of lowering your wireless costs.

Through our monthly Wireless Expense Management Program we continue the process of cost savings. Each month wireless customers find ongoing billing issues, errors, and additional cost tacked onto their wireless bills. Errors that are not only hard to decipher, but virtually impossible to obtain refunds for. Countless calls to 800 numbers answered by CARE reps that don’t appear to have any experience leave wireless customers frustrated and at the mercy of their wireless providers.

With our Maintenance program the burden is ours. Each month we analyze your monthly statements, looking at cost averages, monthly wireless spending, usage patterns, feature costs, additional costs such as 411, text usage, and other obscure charges to first help you see your bill. Next we break down the cost into easy to read reports. Finally, you can see what your wireless costs are, down to a department/employee level. Some clients will pass these additional costs back to their employees once they have the opportunity to actually see what they are being charge.

The point is this; with AllCom Wireless Maintenance Program you understand your wireless costs. You can make decisions based on recommendations made your by AllCom Wireless Manager who DOES NOT work for the Wireless Companies, but only WORKS FOR YOU. Your cost savings equals the opportunity for AllCom to continue to service your account.


AllCom is the single-source for all your wireless needs. We provide one point of contact for Procurement and Purchasing for all your wireless accounts. Single sourcing allows consistent information and active inventory control and accountability.

Personal CARE Representatives and Technical Support Staff are assigned for each of our clients. This provides DAILY dedicated customer service, account management and help-desk support, level I Technical Support, billing research and analysis, as well as wireless equipment and accessory purchasing. We are your one point of contact for each of your office administrators, dedicated to reducing internal time allocation and to end office managers frustration.

With wireless costs continuing to rise, it is imperative that Business Clients watch every dollar.

With AllCom you can be sure that your wireless accounts are monitored daily. This will ensure you always have the most cost effective rate plans that you are not billed for erroneous charges, that waste and abuse is uncovered and addressed.

AllCom is your advocate with your Wireless Carrier. We become your eyes and your ears and also take the responsibility of all your Wireless needs.

When changes need to be made – we make them.

When errors need to be fixed – we fix them.

When credits are due – we fight for them and ensure you are given all that is due.